Characteristics Of Good Wood

Good things are never easy to find. As it is rare it always comes with a price. Same goes to quality. If something is of good quality, it comes with a price. This applies to almost everything in this world. If you are building a house, renovating your house or is just simply curious to know what makes timber good timber the below points will help you get a simple idea.

Hardness and Strength

No one would enjoy having to do a timber window replacement every year or so. If it is just a window we could make up our mind and go ahead with the repair, but what if it is the whole flooring of your house? Imagine what a nightmare that would be if you need to change all your doors and windows. This is why you need to be mindful when you purchase your timber. Make sure your timber doesn’t deteriorate to adverse conditions and has sufficient strength to hold things up. It is essential that you do your research on types of wood and depending on your need, you will need to purchase the wood that suits you. For instance, if you need wood for flooring you need to look into hardwood. If your need is for furniture or other interior carpentry, softwood would suit you. Therefore, it is important that you identify your need and work accordingly.

Toughness and Durability

Purchasing would depends on the area you live in. You need to make sure you are aware of weather conditions and temperature changes of the place you live. Toughness and durability comes it to play mostly on weather conditions. Good would should be able to stand still during adverse weather conditions. It should be shock and vibration resistant. Another aspect you need to look into in good wood is the ability it has to fight against insects and fungi that destroys wood. If your wood undergoes a mite attack, your double hung windows might fall apart. It can even cause walls to collapse if you use wood as the structure of your house. Wood with narrow rings are usually very resistant to deterioration. Hence, you should do speak to an expert after doing your research to make sure you buy good quality wood.

Defects and Structure

Dead knots on timber is a definite no when you purchase wood. Your wood should be free from any defects and should give a ringing sound when you tap on it. A dull noise when you strike the wood means the wood has some defect. You need to personally go and check your timber before you purchase them in order to buy the best wood.

Look into the facts above and you will be guaranteed that you purchase good wood for your house. But remember, quality comes with a price.